BGA reballing, lifted or missing BGA pads, solder masks, BGA component removal replacement & salvage, X-ray inspection, Circuit pattern design changes


Ball grid array (BGA) devices that are mass-produced are often in need of reworking for a number of reasons, including:


  • Devices that have defects
    Solder joints that are either insufficient or excessive
    Changes/alterations/upgrades to engineering parts
    • Damaged or missing BGA pads are another common issue at BGA sites. These pads are replaced following an IPC recommended procedure which uses specially fabricated adhesive-backed BGA pads that are bonded to the board surface.
      • But before this procedure can get started, the lifted solder pads need to be repaired. The reason? Repair of damaged solder mask between BGA pads and connecting vias is a critical step to prevent solder from flowing down the vias during the BGA pad replacement process.


      When you have a design that requires changes or modifications at a BGA site, using a standard jumper wire is not normally a viable option. Jumper wires are simply too large to fit under a BGA component.

      A repair or modification employs the use of flat copper ribbon that is thin enough to fit safely under the BGA component. This BGA repair will allow you to save your design and avoid the costly expense of doing another board build.

      We offer:

      • The most advanced re-work equipment available on the market today
        • IPC-Certified Technicians specially trained for BGA rework and x-ray verification assigned to EVERY job.
          • Full transparency with a disc of appropriate x-ray images returned to you after the job is complete.
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